About me


I graduated in Live Sound Production from the University of West London (LCM). I was first influenced by older friends that introduced me to the world of Street Art which is in turn strongly influenced by the HipHop culture in what everyone calls ” the 4th disciplines” five ! in my opinion, with beatboxing. Those disciplines became very quickly main inspirations. Several years of practice lead to very different ways of painting and draw drawings are often a reflection of my music but not always. I believe that it can be therapeutic. Music is what I have been concentrating on, my chosen profession, In fact, as a result of some of the necessary experience I have been through, I am now involved in a band of talented musicians called ”Kapok” and we will soon drop our first EP. I am trying to embrace the role of music producer working 24/7 as composer, sound engineer, live sound engineer, Dj, musician (Guitar, Keys,Bass), singer, rapper and mixing engineer.  On top of that I when I was working at the University of West London in Music Advance Technology (3d Audio, VR, Ambisonics, researches and projects…) I gained important insights for the future in the music industry.

Older projects/productions are on Soundcloud where you can see my first works ”sketches”, including one  EP called ”Music in Its Various Shapes”, the research for which is available in PDF.

What About Urban Art ?


‘’My first drawing did not look as good as expected, so I started to draw everyday, more likely in boring maths lessons now I can have fun with what is in my mind”

I believe that  through music, art and it’s diffusion, people can find their own creative intuition where inspirations leads the listener/viewer to connect with the present, making things, people and sounds come to life and  fulfilling it  with a sense of gratitude and satisfaction that ultimately brings tons of inspiration towards your way…Primarily it was just a purpose that I always followed by vocation and a passion, but now I embrace it completely making it my purpose in life. 

”You can share, through music, a world….that is much bigger than what you think and some people needs it but they might have not realise it yet

    ”Do not look too far from yourself, all you need is there inside you.”

 cit. E.Tolle.



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