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Tempo TEP Production

Music in Its Various Shapes EP is out just after the single Thought Waves, check it if you wish and let me know what do you think about it.


Some stretches of EP Music in its various shapes. (Floe, Philip Glass sample)

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Kapok is the band

Born in 2016 performing in UK but aiming worldwide. It could be seen as a collective or a group of friends artists and musicians connected in synergy with music, motivation and pathos. everyone bring their own input to merge it with the all, the results is a combo instrumental/electronic music that covers a wide range of energies, tones, tempo and timbre. soon on social media with new material and frames of Kapok.

Tempo TEP Production


Tomaso Ascoli A.K.A Tempo TEP

DJ/Music Producer, sound engineer specialised in music production, composition, recording, mixing & master, music composition. TempoTEP is a self employed that started working in Italy around the Hip-Hop and electronic music underground scene as an amateur producer/beat-maker/Dj. He works with DAW like Logic 9,Logic x, Pro Tools and Ableton. A strong influence comes from the Hip-Hop, RnB, Funk, electronic underground music culture because of his life experience that is why he perceives, produce and describes music the way he does. 

He studied at the University of West London where he studied and learned a range of activities through modules like recording portfolio, sound studio techniques, location recording, lighting and sound system design, microphone and sound studio techniques to record orchestra and bands, acoustic treatments in different environments to provide sound proofing and acoustic improvements and many other.

A general knowledge in music video production, music management, promotion, advertisement  and film sound design for which he had collaboration with UAL(University of Arts London) with film makers and directors for small project like short films, recording natural/ambient sounds suitable for background music over video projection.

Upcoming events;

”do not underestimate vibrations”_fresh tunes and beats, instrumental, analog and digital equipment.

music as we perceive, as I imagine as I produce. Studies from the most renowned Neuroscientist to Psychoacoustic; Music Culture Archetypes; Music Therapy; The Auditory system; Cognition; The Benefit and Structure of ”The Music Brain”, Sound and Music Behind Art, The Music Behind Meditation; The use of music and its potential in a very close future, where it is believed that there is still much to learn. Drawn and Painted Covers from Tempo and the freshest young talents.

The history of each track imagined, described and then commented by the point of view of famous music producers, artists, audio engineers, film makers and common listeners.

Tempo TEP.”

The 5 Track EP is the soul of the project and below attach the researches behind the project.

Music In Its Various Shapes EP- research project PDF